July 16, 2021

Using Fashion for an Inspiration Editorial

Heavy is the Head that Wears The Crown

A Fashion Editorial

The inspiration for this shoot was born from a desire to show a woman in the heaviness of her role. From there, breaking free to her true unfettered self. Using fashion for this inspirational editorial.

Let Heavy is the Head that Wears The Crown fill you with the intensity and creativity in which it was created.

The Ancient Spanish Monastery

First was our choice of location. We decided on The Ancient Spanish Monastery, in Miami, for its historical architecture, and for whom it was originally dedicated. And the symbolism to our story. 

The Monastery of St. Bernard de Clairvaux began in the year 1133 AD in Sacramenia, near Segovia in northern Spain. After eight years past, in 1141, the Monastery was completed and dedicated to the Blessed Mother, given the name ‘The Monastery of Our Lady, Queen of the Angels.’ In the 1920s, it was brought to America and, later, reassembled on its current site. 

Royalty, Womanhood, Role Strain

We chose to make our main character a queen. With this specific role, we created a story that uses emotion to show the allure of being royalty, but the reality that comes along with it. We wanted to show the contrast and the tension. 

Still today, role strain is very real, something that so many women relate to.

We captured visual elements to represent the darkness / heaviness of being Queen. The weighty, and sometimes dark struggle, of being a young woman. Using fashion, color, contemplation, movement, architecture, bejeweled elements and mood for this inspirational editorial.

Breaking Free

Captured is the essence and feelings of being betwixt. There is joy in being a young woman embracing her own sensuality. Her desire to break free of the societal rules. And the gilded cage that royalty and can be.

Finding Freedom

We find our “Queen” contemplating the beauty along with the weight, of her crown. She is mourning the loss of the role, then breaking into a moment of childlike joy. Finding freedom, she twirls through the staid halls, finding her own lightness and joy…

…. In the end, she leaves the behind the crown. In gleeful balletic movement, she emerges into the sunlight. Stepping into the light and shedding the responsibility of her crown and the heavy darkness that it can bring…

She has now shed that heavy, oppressive weight. Lightness and flow are exemplified by the movement of the gowns fabric and flow. The almost angelic light shining through with the balletic moment.

Story and Design by Amy Mulder & Heather Eden Trost | Photography Amy Mulder Photography | Bespoke Crown and Earrings Eden Luxe Bridal | Gowns Daalarna Couture | Hair & Makeup Brazil Raine | Venue Ancient Spanish Monastery | Model TouT Models



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