They perfectly captured the elements of the day that were most important to us and made us feel so comfortable. We are so stunned with the photos that we can't stop looking at them. Don't look any further - this is who you want!




This. This is where I get super crazy excited!!! This is where we build the foundation with our couples, walk side by side with them, and then spend the most important day (thus far) of our couples' lives with them.

When you email or call, you will receive all our details within 24 hours. You will never have to wait long to communicate with us! Ever! After we share our pricing, we love getting together for coffee. We will have about an hour meeting, just getting to know each other more. We LOVE hearing stories of how our couples met and became engaged!

From there, we all decide if we are a good fit for one another and then book! We've actually had people leave and come running back in, hug me, and say 'don't book with anyone else, we need you!' Or tell us they are meeting with other photographers as well only to call or email about ten minutes after the leave to say 'we cancelled our other meetings and are sending our agreement and deposit tomorrow!

We will set up engagement pictures for the season you would like them in. We are super flexible with these. We want you to have the best weather and scenery possible, so if we aren't all digging the 20 degree day, the leaves haven't reached full colors yet, it's raining, we will reschedule! Engagement sessions are all about getting to know how you interact with each other. Seeing what poses show you two at your best. Help to get you comfortable with how we work, so that the wedding day is a breeze! Also, just to let you see how pictures really are fun!! We have grooms end a session all the time with 'wow, that was actually not bad at all, it was fun!' That means we did our job right!

About two months before the wedding we will meet again. This can be for coffee, drinks, dinner. Just a time to help you relax and put together the final details of your big day. We will walk through the day with you, sharing our ten years of experience, insight, and advice of what we have seen that works best for what you envision for your day. You will leave feeling about 100 pounds lighter after seeing exactly how your day will flow!

Wedding day is AMAZING. I will be with the ladies and Ross will be with the guys. This way we can be shooting at the same time, but more importantly, the ladies get a female with them and the guys get their own guy!

You enjoy your day, and let us help in any way we can. Yes we take pictures, but we have also transported people, been in charge of flowers, dried off seats at ceremony sites after it has rained, put on boutonnieres, helped serve drinks at the reception. You name it, we've more than likely done it! We are here to take beautiful portraits, but just as importantly (to us) we want to help you be able to relax, de-stress, and just be able to enjoy your day with your best friends and family!!

Within 24 hours after your wedding day, you will receive a private link to your pictures along with a nice sized preview of your portraits! Then with he next 7-10 days you can expect to se all, yes ALL, of your wedding portraits up on the link! That link is only shared with people by you. With the the link, friends and family can download the pictures they would like and have rights to print them as well. This way you just enjoy being married and focus on your amazing portraits you want to put all over your house!

More than likely we will be seeing you after the wedding. Whether it be for family pictures, baby pictures, or because we are now friends and hanging out. Or traveling together. Or visiting each other in different states. Some of our closest friends are people we met when they wanted us as their wedding photographers. Like one groom said, 'now that we've spent our most intimate day with you guys, we have to be friends!'

over 160 weddings in the last 9 years

We love to be able to give our full attention to our AMP couples! Because of that, there are only a limited number of weddings we accept in a year. If you have made it this far and are as excited about the experience as we are, we think you would be a great fit! 





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