June 17, 2021

Wedding look for your personality

We have all heard the whole thing about ‘eating right for your blood type’ right? Well, what about dressing right for your personality type? Or picking a wedding look for your personality? Our clothes, hair and makeup say so much about us, don’t they? If we are being honest, ladies, clothes can also make or break a mood sometimes, right? When it comes to a wedding, how can you show your personality and maintain your style with your gown, hair, accessories, and rings?  What type of bride are you?

For this topic, I wanted to take six different personality types and create looks that represent each.

Effortless Luxury Wedding day look and personality

Our first bride’s wedding look and personality is effortlessly luxurious. She is always in and around refined things. Lace is an absolute must and a colored gown makes a perfect statement. Not to be outdone by the dress, her three foot long bridal bouquet and cascades from the torso to the floor. Like every luxury bride, not one hair is ever out of place. She opts for a sleeked back, locks down hairstyle that shows off her flawless face and her bright pop of red lips. Gold her accent color for her jewelry and crown. Her beauty is undeniable and every part of her bridal look pays tribute to that effortless luxury.

Romantic Dreamer Personality’s Look

The second bride’s wedding look for her personality, which is quiet and reserved. Inspired by french country, she is romantic, and a dreamer. Does not want to draw attention to herself. She is understated and does not truly understand just how beautiful she is. For her look, she embraces her love of romance and french country with a flowing off-the-shoulder wrap dress. The layers give such softness. She has a petite headband and earrings to compliment her petite purple bridal bouquet. Her hair is down and natural. 

Classic and Fierce Wedding Look

The third wedding look and personality is classic and fierce. This bride is a self-made woman at the top of her game in life and in business. She is not afraid of making a bold statement. She opts for the classic straight gown with a sleek high collar and deep-v front. Opposed to a traditional bouquet, our classic and fierce bride’s floral choice is a statement headpiece. To take her fierce look to the next level, she dons an ostrich feathered wrap. Our bride’s hair is pulled back away from her face, as it normally would be, a smart classic look. She knows she does not need much to give her a memorable look.

Fun and Joyful Personality’s Wedding Look

For our fourth wedding day look, we have personality that is fun, joyful and the life of the party. She has the cutest vintage car she can find for her transportation to and from the ceremony and reception. Her dress is as cute and fun as she is, tea length with an open overlay to give more playful details. With her hair half up we are always sure to see her smile! Her makeup is soft yet warm. And her jewelry is a little on the bigger side to go with her big playful personality with her something blue being her shoes.

Whimsical and Earthy Personality

Our whimsical and earthy bride a look to reflect her passions. She has a full braid with greenery mixed in to it and finished off with a plant dyed piece of ribbon. She has soft neutral makeup and simple yet fabulous gold jewelry. For the whimsical and earthy bride, her gown is simple and beautiful, with some detailing to resemble the texture that she loves so much in nature and allows for effortless movement. 

Elegant and Traditional Wedding Look

Elegant and traditional is our final bride. She is delicate and elegant. She is in a traditional v-neck, off the shoulder, form fitting gown with a train. For added elegance, this particular dress has interest built right in to it with its large floral textured fabric. The bride’s hair is pulled up in a traditional ‘updo’ with simple and absolutely perfect makeup. Her bridal bouquet is full of greenery and accents of pink and white. Understated yet full of intrigue.  Most of her portraits are in black and white to show the timeless appeal of her elegance. 

For other inspiration from Amy’s work, follow here. Follow along with Amy and Ross on their podcast, Running on Full

Venue: Lowndes Grove | Hair and Makeup: Wild Ivory Beauty | Florals: On a Limb | Accessories: Eden Luxe Bridal | Rings: Croghans | Gowns: Emily Kotarski and Maddison Row South | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab



  1. Kate says:

    What great information–and so much fun, too! You managed to capture so many different personalities perfectly. Great work!

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