I walked in to a new church and there he was. Playing guitar and singing. I looked at my friend and said 'I'd come back just to meet him.' And I did. In our first conversation he told me three times that he was single. It was fantastic. Then he was a little shady when I told him I was 28. He said, 'Oh I'm about the same age, just a couple years younger. OVER SIX!!!!!! Over six years younger!!!!(Which he finally told me after weeks of dating... but, like he always says, it all worked out). After three months of being together every day, except one week when he was on a missions trip in Mexico, he proposed. And oh. My. Word. What an amazing proposal it was! So much that I forgot to say yes! We started planning our wedding, then quickly decided that we were going to do away with all of our big ideas. So after three months - to the day - of the proposal, we had an immediate family only wedding (with a few close friends) and then went out for pizza followed by a dessert reception with all of our friends and family. Our wedding day was soooo cold, but we still did pictures outside and never regretted it! When we left the reception it was sleeting and hailing. It was actually a really fun exit! I remember laughing as we got in the car to leave! It's been an amazing nine years...and counting. P.S. We started amp with the gifts of money people gave us for our wedding! Who knew we would end up coming this far!

amy, meet ross, ross, meet amy

our story of how we met, our three months of dating, three month engagement, then a wedding.

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Amy & Ross

Can plow through a batch of cookies in 24 hours without breaking a sweat.


Loves a good craft beer, particularly an IPA.

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Amy & Ross

Has watched the entire season of Gilmore Girls 9 times.


Has watched a total of 9 minutes of Gilmore Girls.

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Amy & Ross

Great cook, but never uses a recipe, which makes it difficult to make again!


Has run three full marathons - St. Louis, Indianapolis, and NYC.

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Amy & Ross

If she's at home, she is in her pajamas. She has as many pairs of pajamas as she does dresses!
(which is too many)


Huge coffee snob! Favorite is 30/30 in Peoria, they are brilliant!

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Amy & Ross

Signed herself, dad, and brother up to go skydiving for her dad's 70th birthday in 2018. Then fell off a fence post at a wedding the week before they were to go.


In a truly supportive response to Amy's fall let her know he hoped she wasn't seriously hurt, but just hurt bad enough that he had to jump in her place.

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Amy & Ross

The fall tore two ligaments in her neck and sprained her neck to the point of having to wear a neck brace and took over three months to heal. BUT SHE GOT THE PICTURE!!!  YAY!!!


Went skydiving with his father-in-law and brother-in-law for Amy's dad's 70th birthday.

I like being cold so I can wear PJs and drink hot drinks. Bit of a wild child. Filled with emotion and empathy. Love being a wife and a mom. Love to get in to trouble with Harvey. Don't mess with the ones I love, cause yikes. I eat donuts with Harvey a couple times a week. Will plow through a whole batch of cookies in 24-48 hours. Textbook over-sharer. Generous. A 'tad' independent and strong willed. And I love love love people!!  

Crazy consistent. Ross is hard working, dedicated, and loyal. He is an amazing husband and father. He was born an 80 year old man. He is mature and wise. Loves people, but also loves keeping to himself. Gets energized by working outside on our house. All about projects. Would much rather have a dog than our cat.  Loves grilling and sitting outside by the lake. Will work all day and come home every evening ready to willingly and joyfully be a doting, serving, playful father and husband (and may I add he looks amazing). 

This guy. Huge huge heart for people. Fiercely protective. Hilarious. Empathic. Boundary pusher. Athlete. Pretty sure he should be a model. Loves to help our around the house. Loves to play jokes on people. Loves to sing and play guitar with his daddy. We have to bribe him with fruit in order to get him to eat meat and carbs (though he would eat donuts every day if we would let him). Hilariously manipulative and clever. Loves to swim. Plays 'Mr Ben' and 'smokes' the baseball when he hits it. Incredibly sweet and loving. So so so smart and emotionally aware.

He's a dog trapped inside the body of a cat...
He attacks our legs and feet as we are walking. He will let Harvey do anything to him, but no one else. A cuddler by his own will. Loves to play fetch. He hates the sun, always lays in the shade. Likes to attack hair. Dumps his water out of his bowl every day if it's not fresh. Gets in the shower while it is running. A Mama's boy.