April 27, 2021

Springtime in Charleston, South Carolina

There is something so magical about springtime in Charleston, SC. The warmth that soaks in to your skin as the sun shines on you. New blooms as well as incredible sunsets creating an enchanting palette for the eyes. Smells of everything coming back to life. It is rejuvenating.

Pictured below: Magnolia Gardens, Broad Street, Sullivan’s Island

Charleston architecture

Charleston has done an amazing job at keeping things preserved. The architecture is not destroyed when it is falling apart, it is refurbished. So as you are out walking around the city, and any of the gardens or plantations turned museums, you can see the shells that make up the concrete and the brick being exposed as the plaster is falling off. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes too as you take in the cobblestone roads! Some of my favorite things that I will never tire of seeing are the gas lights and the perfectly done window boxes!

A springtime palette for the eyes

Whether it be downtown Charleston or one of the many gardens around the area, the springtime color palette will always leave a lasting impression. The purple wisteria, the pinks, reds and whites of the azaleas, the fresh greens growing back on the oaks. It just gives a feeling of calm and also sparks new life. One of my favorite things to do in the springtime is to find a place in one of the many gardens, or downtown Charleston near the water to sit and be rejuvenated. Creativity and restoration are always certain to happen.

Magnolia Gardens Our son’s favorite thing to do, besides grab a stick and leave a trail for us to find him by dragging it in to the dirt, is to go see the animals! Take a few quarters with you so you can grab some handfuls of food and feed the animals. They love it and you will absolutely make some new friends!

Middleton Place

Next year come visit us when it is springtime in Charleston! You will also need family photos while you are here too! 🙂

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