December 3, 2020

Why I chose Film Photography

My love of film photography runs deep. Film is completely authentic. It is the truest form of the art of photography. Film loves showing off light and color. When looking through photographs, if you find yourself thinking ‘why am so drawn to these?’ it is most likely because they are film photographs. Film captures things softly, not sharp and harsh like a digital photo.  

The ART of film photography

I love the purity of film. It gives my couples the best imagery. I deliver on what I promise – film photography. There are so many digital cameras and presets that give the film like look. However; I need to know I am giving my couples the most artistic side of my photography and me. And film allows me to do that! 

I love being able to deliver my couples’ engagement session, wedding, lifestyle sessions either the day or the day after I receive my film scans from the film lab. With film, you either have the perfect image or an unusable image, there is no in-between. I always have the confidence that what I deliver is going to be spot on. 

Film photography is able to capture light in such a romantic way. Your photographs are dreamy, etherial photographs that will always be relevant. 

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