December 1, 2020

4 Tips for a stress free wedding day.

With these 4 tips for a stress free wedding day, you will be able to arrive at your wedding day(s) ready to enjoy, be immersed and fully present in the day and with your spouse, family and friends. Your wedding day will bring enough emotions and stress, so we want to share with you what we share with all of our AMP couples!

Stress free = choosing vendors you trust and connect with!

  1. This is SO important!! When you are picking your vendors for your wedding, make sure you take the time to connect with them and make sure they are people you want to work with. Especially those that will be by your side almost the entire day! (photographer, planner, assistant, etc) If you take talk with them, you will be able to discern if they are the ones you can put your trust in. Then you will know they can take care of your wishes and vision for your day perfectly, making it stress free! You do NOT want a vendor that is going to be asking you questions throughout the day. Vendors should be there to assist and decrease stress because they know exactly what is going on and what you want!  

Stress free = Clear Timeline

  • 2. Create a clear timeline with planner and photographer. We always meet with our clients and planners 1-2 months before the wedding day(s). This way everyone is on the same page and there is clear direction. This frees you to let everything go and know you will be perfectly taken care of. Knowing when things are going to happen and have confidence in the people you have hired you can let them do your thing.

Build in extra time for the wedding day.

  • 3. Nothing helps with having a stress free wedding day that extra time to breath. It is always better to cushion your timeline a little bit. Not often are people stressed by having an extra 5-10 minutes here or there, but what does add stress is if something or someone is running behind. So if hair and makeup last a little longer than anticipated, you are okay because you have built in extra time. If Aunt Jane decides to talk with you and your new spouse for way too long after the ceremony when you are to be getting to the reception, its is all good! Put in 5-10 minutes extra between the normal amount of time. You will be so happy you did! (and if you have 10 extra minutes to get away and just breathe with your new spouse, why not take it! That may be the only time you have to yourselves on your day!)

First looks lead to less stress

  • 4. Do a first look. This is a big one. We always have couples on the fence about the first look, and then we explain our reasoning why to do one, and they have all been so grateful for it! A –  The biggest reason of all – it gives you more time together on your wedding day! B – You are fresh! Hair and makeup are perfectly done. no one has been sitting in anxiety about seeing the other one all day. 🙂 C – You have time for just the two of you. D – All wedding party photographs can be done before there ceremony. This way your ladies are all fresh with their hair and makeup and your guests do not have to wait for hours between ceremony and reception. E – The first time you see each other will not be in front of so many other people and you can interact with one another and share about your day!

Bonus tip:

Make sure to do some ‘husband and wife’ portraits after the ceremony. You will have the fresh glow of just exchanging your vows and the photographs will be priceless!

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