December 1, 2020

The illusion your engagement photos are in a different season than it really is!

How to give the illusion your engagement photos are in different season that it really is! Sometimes, the season in which you find yourself ready for engagement photos is not the season you have always dreamed of them being taken in. So what do you do? Keep the dream alive!! I am going to give some helpful pointers on how to still get your perfect engagement photos even if it is not your ideal season. Give the illusion it is a different season that what it really is!

I have had brides who desperately wanted summer photos, but it was fall or winter when we did their engagement photographs. There was also a bride who wanted winter looking photos when it was coming on spring, and one that wanted spring when it was the dead of winter. 

We were able to deliver all of those wishes by explaining and doing our tips below!

What helps to show a different season?

  • Clothing
  • Makeup
  • Time of day
  • Location
  • Flowers
  • Extras

Let’s break it down by season. I always start with clothing, it says it all, doesn’t it?

‘Spring’ engagement photos

Pastel colors, light layers for him, half sleeves dress for her. Light colored shoes, tan, ivory, maybe brown – no blacks. Photograph earlier in the morning when the light is cooler toned. Have your makeup and hair professionally done. Pick a location where you can be in the sunlight. If you are in nature, have tall grasses or similar so you can not see any bare trees or full deep green trees. If you choose architecture, make sure it is lighter in color. Stay away from red brick. Have pinks, yellows, or purples flowers. I had a couple purchase a vintage light blue bike with a wicker basket and I brought pinks and ivory flowers to put in the basket. It was January and 12F outside. I talked through ideas with her and she knee length ivory dress that was sleeveless and tied at the neck with tan heels. She froze, but she had her springtime looking photographs!

‘Summer’ engagement photos

Bolder and more color! I would still suggest a suit jacket for some of the photos for him. Pick a lighter dress pant with brown or even colored shoes. White or simple and clean color up top. For her I would go with dresses for all outfits. Sleeveless or strapless. Heels for shoes. Again, go with some color for everything. Professional hair and makeup, they will create the perfect look. Full sun, hands down. Go midday when the sun is at its highest – and make sure you have a photographer that understands how to photograph using the sun. Pick areas where you can be out in the full sun but that you can not see any bare trees or dying grass. If you are in a city, still go for that full sunshine! Find areas where you can see the location you are in without giving away what season you are in. Florals should be fun and bright.

‘Fall’ photos

Perhaps the most straight forward. Earth colors for attire, mustard, eggplant, moss, browns, burgundy, navy, etc. A smart suit for him as well as layers including a sweater. A dress with a high, cowl or turtle neck. Perhaps some tall boots. For this, you can go later in the day when the sun has warmer tones. For location in nature, find some where with tall grasses or pines that are not too dense. They will give some of the browns and tans to add to the look. For city almost anything will work! If you are opting for florals, try dried flowers! Get cozy with these, add in a blanket or cafe and snuggle up. 

‘Winter’ engagement

White or (my favorite for winter) black for clothing. Real fur or faux fur is always a classic winter piece. This is where you can finally wear those black shoes! Go bold with your lipstick, don’t shy away from a deep red! I would again shoot in midday sun. Not too cool, not too warm. Again, city will work for almost anything to give appearance for winter – just do not pick a location that would potentially have people around you that will give away that it is not winter! Florals. This can be the perfect way to show ‘winter’ in your photographs. For one of my brides, I had her wear a long black formal dress with shoulder wrapped sleeves and he wore a black suit. So when we put red roses with evergreen clippings in a bouquet, it looked just like christmas. Stay within reds, whites, blues or blacks. Classic winter color combinations. 

And sometimes for your engagement photos, you just have to embrace what you are given 🙂 (We also have tips on how to keep you warm if you are photographing during in-ideal temperatures!)

I hope when you have your engagement photographs taken you can achieve the perfect look that you have created in your head for them! It is a vision you work so hard on wanting to capture, so take any of these tips and have your dream season any time of the year!!

Dresses: Zimmerman Mira Couture Alice McCall AMUR Reformation | Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab

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