December 3, 2020

Why Film Photography?

Ohhh my love of film photography is about to overflow in to words here. Why film? Film is completely authentic. It is the truest form of the art of photography. Film loves showing off light and color. If you are looking through photographers images and thing ‘why am I drawn to these so much?’ it may because they are film photographs. Film captures things softly, not sharp and harshly like a digital photo. It is not a computerized photograph, it is an actual imprint of what is seen. 

Art over profit with film photography

I love the purity of film. It is SO costly to shoot film, but I am a purist. 🙂 I will gladly spend the exorbitant cost of film for my couples’ wedding day, because it gives my couples the best imagery. And I can deliver on what I promise – film photography. There are a lot of digital cameras and presets that give the film look alike, but I need to know I am giving my couples the most artistic side of my photography and me. And film allows me to do that! 

I want art over profit. I do not want to compromise my artistic integrity in order to increase my profits. When I tell my couples that they will be photographing their wedding day on film, I mean it.

Only the best for my couples!!

I also love being able to deliver my couples’ engagement session, wedding, lifestyle sessions either the day or the day after I receive my film scans from the film lab. I don’t have to do editing, and if I do it is always very minimal. This way my couples only have to wait for the 10-14 days it takes to have the film developed to see their photographs! I am able to have confidence that what I deliver is going to be spot on. 

Film photography is able to capture light in such a romantic way. It gives you dreamy, timeless, etherial photographs that will be looked back at for generations and always be relevant. 

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