March 2, 2023

Lake Como

Lake Como, a dream destination for all. Food, drink, shopping, scenery, villas, boats, people, weather, every aspect of this 146 square kilometers area is perfection.

The Food

Let’s start with the food. One of my absolute favorite things about life on Lake Como is the restaurants that only open when they have a fresh catch of the day. Everything is fresh. The grains, the fruits, the fish. Everything. The first time my sister and I went together we appreciated how much of an artistry and pride there was in the food and preparation. One of my favorite things about the Italian culture is that meal time is for relationships and experience. So when you are there, embrace slowing down and savoring the moment. (literally and figuratively savor…)

And may I also suggest a cooking class! It will change the way you cook when you return home!

The Towns around Lake Como

At the tip of the middle of the lake sits Bellagio. The best place for shopping and a beautiful experience to wander through.

Varenna is a charming little town just north of Bellagio on the east side. Stroll along the lake on the lover’s walkway, enjoy a meal along the water or in its center as you listen to the church bells. This is also perhaps my favorite town to see from the water. 

Known for its hotel and one of the grandest villa’s on the lake, Tremezzo is on the west side and one to be enjoyed if you are looking for luxury. The Grand Hotel Tremezzo is one you must experience while visit Lake Como.

Cernobbio is another of my favorite places to always take some time in and is home to multiple of the spectacular villas on Lake Como, Villa D’Este and Villa Erba.

Traveling around Lake Como

I can not recommend enough driving all around Lake Como and taking it all in. If you are renting a car, make sure to get a smaller one as the streets are narrow. Also, be prepared to stop and/or to back up for a work truck or other on coming traffic coming through. Another tip – take a day road trip in to Switzerland! It’s right there!

If you love the sun, the best time of year to go is spring and summer. In the fall and winter, the east side is in the shadows of the mountains. 

Ferry rides are only 3.5 euro one way on the lake. So take advantage of this and tour as much as you can! Boat rides can be in the south part or north part of the lake. You always have the option of adding champagne, a lunch or a villa visit to the trip as well! I highly highly highly recommend setting up a boat ride experience while there. You will always be thankful you did!

The Villas

Speaking of villas. So many amazing villas around the lake. Some are private, so either contact them directly before you go to arrange a visit. 

If you are looking for photography for yourself, you and your partner, or family, you will need a permit for most places. 

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