January 1, 2021

Italy Wedding Photographer and Storyteller.

I am a photographer and storyteller.

I love to photograph people’s love stories, I consider myself a wedding photographer and storyteller. Which means, I am a photographer who documents every part of your wedding celebration in a story form. Italy has such a meaningful spot in my heart. It is my home away from home. I am honored to by an Italy wedding photographer and storyteller.

The same way a great novel describes the setting in detail in order to place the reader in the story, photographing the setting, the details, the moments, transport my couples back in to their wedding celebration every time they look at their photos.

This is a story of a gorgeous destination wedding stylized shoot in Turin, Italy. Created by Giovanna Bossi owner of Gio Bossi and Sofi Design.

Photographing and Storytelling the Setting

Wedding storytelling means starting off by wandering around the grounds of where things take place and take everything in. I want to take the time and create photographs that show the reasons why this is the spot(s) you have carefully chosen to have your wedding celebration. So to set up your story, I give you a carefully curated gallery that includes the setting of your celebration. If you have a destination wedding, it is wonderful to have time to wander around the location you have selected to set the scene and showcase the character, charm, and unique details. For this Italy wedding, I wandered the grounds of the Villa and captured three rolls of film of details and views for the couple.

Details & Getting Ready Photographs

After the location is set, it is time to show the details as well as getting ready photographs. (even if they happen after you are all ready – no one will ever know!) 🙂 There are so many little details and touches that go in to a wedding day ensemble. You want to make sure all of your carefully selected pieces are captured and shown in your wedding story!

Couples’ Portraits

Make sure you keep a lot of time for your couples’ portraits! After all, it is your wedding, you will want plenty of photographs of the two of you! Take your time to do these photographs with your photographer, you will want to savor this time together! Getting to know my couples and to be able to let their personalities shine through in their photographs is something I love! I absolutely swoon over the intimate, romantic moments.

Make sure you laugh and have fun together too!

Ceremony and Reception Storytelling

Ceremony and receptions tell a special story as well. This is extremely important for being a wedding storyteller. Large scale set up is important to capture, as well as the tiniest of details. Even individual flowers are important! The dripping of the wax on the candles that has created ambience for your guests. Every carefully thought out detail. I also love having my couples interact within the area of ceremony and reception.

Special Areas

If you have special areas set up for certain moments in the wedding day celebration, take your time and soak those up. I always love to tell my couples to take 15 minutes are so just for them to have a drink together away from everyone else. It is amazing what that time can do to help relax a couple and let them enjoy each other. Yet another reason why I love being a wedding storyteller!

And enjoy your desserts! 🙂

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