May 9, 2020

1940s Inspired Wedding Shoot at the Palmer House Hilton

My grandparents who I love and admired so much always were so devoted to each other. This 1940s Inspired Wedding Shoot at the Palmer House Hilton is for them.

WWII had just ended. My grandfather returned home from the war.

He hopped on a bus and on that bus journey met a beautiful young lady. The two of them talked for hours on that bus ride, and when they departed from the bus, they broke things off with their significant others and went and got married.

They were always inseparable, for over 6 decades. They were such a marital inspiration to everyone around them. For their 61st wedding anniversary they made a trip to the Palmer House, the same place they honeymooned. My grandmother had found their original receipt from their honeymoon from back in the 1940s. With receipt in hand, they arrived at the concierge desk. Palmer House loved this and upgraded them to one of their largest suites. They also only charged my grandparents the same rate they paid on their honeymoon six decades before.

As a tribute to my grandparents and the care and attention Palmer House shows to their guests, I wanted to do a styled shoot that reflected 1940s mixed with modern day. Rachel Dickerson created these bridal looks that just brought to life the idea in my head.

We spent the day wandering through the hotel photographing its beauty and detail. The model I picked for this shoot was my niece and grandparents great grandchild. I knew from the start these had to be 100% film and 100% black and white to do it justice to the feel of the shoot.

And oh it did.

The Vendors

And oh it did. It captured so beautifully the looks put together by Golden Styled Brides. With gowns by Rara Avis and Lotus Threads in all of their vintage design. Paired with Oscar de la Renta earrings. As well as Valentino and Jimmy Choo shoes. The hair and makeup artist at Gold Plaited are the definition of artist. I asked for a 1940s look, and when my niece walked in all of our jaws hit the floor. It meant so much to be there with this group of people and photograph this amazing spot of history in Chicago. Enjoy this 1940s inspired wedding.

Venue: Palmer House | Styling: Golden Style Consulting | Dresses: Lotus Threads Rara Avis | Florals: Erin McDonald | Hair and Makeup: Gold Plaited | Cake: Amy Beck Cake Design | Rentals: Halls | Film lab: Richard Photo Lab



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