April 19, 2020

Three Bridal Styles for Three Different Styled Weddings

I had an idea of creating three totally different bridal looks. I wanted to use the color of a gown, the style of the make up and hair, jewelry and florals to give three takes on what a wedding look could be. Lotus Threads has such a great variety of unique gowns, so I started by picking out 9 of their dresses.

The first look was one using color. I pictured a bride who was playful with her look. I picked out three different colored dresses, in three different styles. I had the makeup be very natural, so that it would compliment the dresses and florals. The hair was playful and fun, as was the jewelry. For the florals, I asked Le Fleur Weddings to create textures and use colors to compliment the dresses, but to have some unique, non-traditional bouquets. And they delivered!! I absolutely loved their take on the bouquets!! I wanted an earthy vibe for this set of photos. So we went to overgrown grassy areas – dodged the mud – and spent some time embracing the elements. 

For the second look, I wanted bold. I thought of a bride who was daring and loved standing out and making a statement. I picked out black dresses, as well as a jumpsuit and a cape. For the hair, I asked for absolute straight, and makeup for dark eyes and bold lips. Chic. I opted for statement headpieces, and Lindsay Marie Designs had exactly what was inside my head, as well as bold statement earrings! The florals for this look, I asked for a lot of use of sticks and dried floral. And again, Le Fleur blew me away! They created a wrap around the arm floral piece instead of a bouquet! It added so much to the look!! We drove to the Michigan side of Lake Michigan for this set of photos. We arrived at sunset to add to the mood. And so glad we did!

The final look was a take on the traditional bride. The bride in this look is more traditional, but also wants to make her own mark. So for this, I picked out dresses that made statements with their sleeves. The hair and makeup was romantic, and we had feminine hair pieces as well. We decided to do the florals in all greens. And for the setting, we went to downtown Chicago. I wanted this bride to reflect clean elegance. 

I have so much respect for these models!!! It was around -4c to -2C with up to 48kph winds on each of these days! They were amazing and we made some beautiful creations!!



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