July 26, 2023

A Lake Como Wedding Filled with Vivid Colors and Flowers

A Lake Como Wedding

We always rejoice when people fall in love with Lake Como the way we do. Especially for a Lake Como wedding. This day was about show casing everyone’s deep love and appreciation for the vibrancy and character of Lake Como Italy.

Wedding Reception Details

Our team went all out with ideas to bring to life. A colorful tablescape, colorful candied desserts, hand painted Prosecco bottles and name cards, and flowers everywhere one looked. Magic.

The idea behind the planning was to marry the unique and bold. So while keeping with some traditional aspects of a wedding reception, our planner picked a tablescape that would stand out against all others and be remembered.

A Private Lake Como Ceremony

Melissa, designer of this brilliant affair, and my favorite kind of wedding ceremony is one that feels so intimate – as a wedding ceremony should be. I love that this site hosted an enclosed garden where it felt as though we were tucked away from everything and everyone. The only thing in existence was those that were there, and that was all that mattered.

The Details

The details of a wedding are so much fun to play with and photograph. Especially when the florist brings a great amount of extra stems. It is always important to highlight these smaller aspects of a wedding se they do not get lost in memory.

Bride and Groom Details

Brides and grooms spend so much time picking out their wedding attire and gowns, so a favorite thing of mine is to highlight close ups of these details. From lapel, to buttons, to detailed accents of the gown. There is a reason a person falls in love with what they are wearing, and it is something I love to make sure is highlighted for them.


Photography is more than just taking a beautiful photo, it is understanding everything that goes in to WHY and HOW a photograph is being taken. That is the difference between a picture and photograph. A photograph is art. Being called the GOAT of posing and composition, I love to give my couples more depth to their photographs. Multiple photographs that piece together to show the details of a story. Something that if you really spend time looking in to a photograph, you keep discovering more.

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