August 26, 2022

Portugal – your next destination

Portugal Tile

Portugal is perhaps best known for it bright, bold, colorful tile. The cities are so richly decorate in Portuguese tile and the tiles tell such beautiful stories. It makes the cities feel joyful and welcoming and, if you are anything like me, want to never stop exploring. I think I took three rolls of film just of tiles!

Wandering Lisbon

The best time to wander the streets of Lisbon are in the morning hours. With streets almost completely empty, you will feel as if you have the city entirely to yourself. There are pieces of artwork everywhere you look.

One thing to note – do not take a roller bag with you, the streets and walkways are all cobbled and the loudness of the thumping of the rollers make it impossible to go unnoticed and have any peace.

Portugal Architecture

Oh my heart. The architecture is unlike anything I have experienced. I knew it would be amazing and next level, but I had no idea just how much it would effect me. You can feel the passion and care that went in to creating so masterpieces.

Stay tuned for what is up next for us and Portugal with our friend Splendida Events

To see more of the cities we love, read more on the blog. Coming up next… The Dolomites



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