January 7, 2022

Paris. In Black and White.

Paris is a city that every time I go, challenges me and encourages me to just be present.

In life, there is always something to do, someone to respond to, articles to read, lists to get done. In Paris, time morphs in to something that stands a little bit still.

I think it’s so we can appreciate all that it wants to give us. Paris invites in every person who travels to her with warmth and beauty. Even with people everywhere, you are guaranteed to find stillness and relaxation. It is revitalizing. 

And though the light and colors there are something I have never experienced anywhere else, my word, does she look amazing in black and white. 

What I love seeing is all of the lines and intricate details. They are everywhere you look. In the bridges, the cafes, the architecture. Everything is created and laid out with such precision. Paris is a city born from creativity. Which is why Paris is where one goes to be inspired in their creativity.

If you haven’t been, put it at the top of your list! You will leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and ready with a new perspective on life!

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