I'm Amy

One of my favorite things as a photographer has been getting to know other photographers, encouraging them, and watching them grow. People are my heart. And I never ever want someone to feel like they are walking through this alone!! 

I so so so much believe in community over competition. We are all lovers of beautiful art. We are all in this for the same purpose - to serve our couples along with their friends and families to help give them the best wedding experience possible! 

I know what it is like to feel like you are completely alone in building your business, to feel stuck. To feel 'why is everyone else busy' and you are at a stand still, and to just plain question everything about what you are doing and if it’s actually going to work. I've been there!

Every part of this photography world and being a business owner is important and can be so tricky. So don’t do it alone, I want to have your back!!

Love your photos. Love your business. Love your life.