I'm Amy

I'm so glad you are here! Every part of this photography world and being a business owner is important and can be so tricky. You don't have to do walk your photography and business journey alone, I am for you, and I've got your back!!

Welcome Fellow Artist!

One of my favorite things as a photographer has been getting to know other photographers, encouraging them, and watching them grow. People are my heart. And I never ever want someone to feel like they are walking through this alone!! 

I know what it is like to feel like you are completely alone in building your business, to feel stuck. To feel 'why is everyone else busy' and you are at a stand still. And, to just question everything about what you are doing and if it’s actually going to work.
I've been there!

Every part of this photography world and being a business owner is important and can be so tricky. So don’t do it alone, I want to have your back!!

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

-Helen Keller

Tired of trying to figure everything out on your own? Feel stuck? Want personalized, clear, and honest feedback on how you can improve your photos? If you answered yes, a coaching session is for you!

Wanting to try new things and get instant insight and feedback during a shoot? Longing to shoot a perfectly curated shoot? Want to add some stunning new images to your portfolio? If you answered yes, shooting with me is just what you need!

Tell me more!

Tell me more!

Are you ready to shoot something completely new and perfectly curated? Ready to take your portfolio to another level? Longing to work with the best vendors in the industry? Join others on the wait list for more upcoming workshops!

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Shoot Together

Let's Shoot Together

Get the real time feedback and images you need for a breakthrough!

I'm in!

I'll set up a shoot and share everything I know and do to create stunning photos as we work side by side together. Different options include a bridal session, couple session, or a full shoot with all the details.  Contact me below and let's get started!

Elevating your portfolio could be the breakthrough you need to start attracting your dream clients! I will show you how to get there and help you create those stunning images you want!

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A coaching session with fresh perspective and insight might be what you need to launch a major breakthrough!

Let's chat!

One of the best things you can do to get unstuck and start creating momentum is to get a fresh perspective. Whether it is a portfolio review or talking through the roadblocks you are running into, it can make all the difference to get out of isolation and collaborate with another creative.

I'll email you a questionnaire so you can let me know which areas you would like my expertise on, and then during the coaching session we will dive in together. You will come away with a fresh perspecitve, new insights, and new ideas that will send you on your way to a breakthrough!

Fill out the form below and I will be in touch shortly to set up a free 30 minute call to talk more about how we can work together!

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