Hey there!

I am SO happy you found your way here! I love love love that I am able to have my own business where I can combine my passion for the art of film photography and my passion for people! I am so blessed to call this my job.

One of the things that means so much to me are the connections I am able to make with my couples, their families, and the amazing vendors I am able to collaborate with. To be entrusted with one of the most precious days of peoples' lives is such an honor for me.

People, art and travel inspire me so much and make me feel whole!
Thank you so much for taking your time to get to know me and my work just a little bit! I would be honored to be a part of your story.

Bygone Luxe. Never heard of this style? I made it up! Bygone means old-time. Luxe, as you know is luxury. I make sure each shot I take tells a story. Each photo should feel deep and meaningful. From details, to portraits, to dining together. Bygone and Luxe are so perfectly married in my way of telling a couple's relationship and wedding day story. 

My Style

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Charleston, SC

It is a blessing to create intimate portraits for our couples who are so completely in love with one another. We love to come alongside and support our couples starting with our very first meeting through the wedding day and beyond. We love investing our time and energy into our couples and getting to know them on a more personal level. Your story and your relationship are unique, and we want to take photos that are genuinely you. It is our hope that, come your wedding day, we feel like friends reuniting so that you can enjoy your day knowing you are going to get great pictures and have a great experience along the way!

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Loves a good craft IPA.

Loves dry red wine, especially Cabernet.

Lover of all things outdoors.

Would eat a burrito every day.

Enjoys good strong coffee.

Huge fan of dark chocolate.

Prefers tea to coffee.

If she's at home, she is in her pajamas.

Crazy cat lady.

Prefers dogs to cats.

Loves Amy and Harvey more than anything.

Loves Ross and Harvey more than anything.