January 4, 2019

Finding Paris in Peoria

I love France and all thing Parisian. The class, the style, the colors. So what do we do when we want a French feel without having to fly thousands of miles to get it? We find the perfect clothes, the perfect accessories, and that perfect french blue door.

I wanted to try something new with this vision I had. So I asked Phoebe and Adam to model for me. And seriously, how perfect are they for this style?! It may not have been a beautiful spring day in Paris, in fact it was an extremely freezing cold day in central Illinois! But Phoebe rocked the model she is and just owned this shoot!!!

Harvey has THE BIGGEST crush on Phoebe. So while Phoebe was doing an outfit change Harvey had a little chat with Adam. His questions included  + do you go with Phoebe?  + do you like Phoebe?   + do you live with Phoebe?   + are you going to live with Phoebe?  🙂

I teamed up with LeFleur Design and The Loft Bridal to create this perfectly colored and tailored photo shoot. I hope you all love it as much as I do!!!

Phoebe and Adam, I am absolutely having you model again!!! 🙂




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