November 17, 2018

Texans who marry in the cold of Central Illinois

Johnny and Suzanne are originally from Illinois, live in Waco, TX.  We emailed back and forth about their wedding photography and they became an official AMP couple!  Little did any of us know the adventures we would be in for together!! 🙂

We met in person the very first time at Starved Rock State Park for lunch and then their engagement session. It was great to get to know them a little over lunch, hear their engagement story and laugh together. We then went to the waterfalls and the caves for their pictures. It had POURED rain for so long before the day of the engagement pictures that we ran in to flooding everywhere we went! The first stop was a beautiful waterfall, where in order to get to it we had to either go through some crazy fast water, or – what we ended up doing – climbing up the wall of the cave to climb around the water and in to the middle where there was a little island to stand on. To really get the full picture – Suzanne was in a dress, with heels. And she dominated that water and rock wall!!! I am convinced Johnny is some kind of superhuman something or other, because he was up and down and all around that cave without a care in the world or a slip of any kind. Thankfully he was there to help this wonky woman with my camera bag. But we made it! And then Suzanne said heck with the shoes and walked through that crazy rushing water barefoot to get back out! 🙂  🙂  We had one more… a few more… places while hiking to the bottom of the canyons. Bridges were flooded so we scaled along the sides, certain paths were closed because of the mud, and the bottom of the canyon was, as the term goes, ‘as thick as pea soup.’ (am I dating myself here by using that phase??) The air was just thick and 100% haze from the humidity. When we were done, our hair was damp, that was how much moisture had been trapped down there!

THE WEDDING!!! We were SO excited for their wedding day and to see them again. Suzanne had the most amazing wedding dress. My word. And the flowers! She was the epitome of the perfect bride. In true ‘the four of us’ fashion, it was ridiculous outside!! 30s temperatures and over 30mph winds!!!!! Suzanne had this incredible 15-20 long veil… that the wind kept sucking out of her beautiful updo!! She laughed and took it all in stride though. I don’t think wind or cold was going to change the excitement of their day. And their wedding party had the same mentality! They were there for their bride and groom no matter what! Even when I asked some to stay out for a few extra minutes to get detail shots of things, they were so happy to help! I even asked if they wanted to finish up some photos inside – ALL of the ladies said they wanted Suzanne to have her outside pictures because of how beautiful they knew they would be!! AMAZING!!!

We used the wind to our advantage and got some amazing veil shots!! (and some pretty hilarious ones too) 🙂

Suzanne’s smile was one of the two things I will always remember of their day. The biggest thing I will remember is Johnny first seeing his bride. Absolute, overwhelming love, that is the only way to describe it. He saw his bride turn to come down the long aisle of this beautiful sanctuary and the tears fell. I’ve always loved watching people watch the bride, but this time, the wedding party was watching the groom. It was definitely an ‘I’m not crying, you’re crying!’ situation where everyone had tears of joy and love pouring out!!!

The wedding party went back out for some more fun time in the freezing cold 🙂 And when some sun came out I had Johnny and Suzanne run to it for some beautiful sunny warm portraits! (at least that is what people will think when they look at them… it was still way too cold!) 🙂

They had so many personal touches all over their reception. It was fun to see their relationships with their friends and family so uniquely integrated in to the decor.

Johnny and Suzanne, it was SUCH a pleasure working with you two and we can not wait to see you both again!! You are amazing people and we adore every minute of working with you!!

You can see Johnny and Suzanne in Modern Luxury 2019!



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