September 14, 2018

Why we love first looks + why you should absolutely do one!!

One of the very first questions we ask our couples is ‘will you do a first look?’  If they are uncertain, we can easily change their minds, and here’s why.

First looks come with SOOOOOO MANY benefits!!!  The biggest one by far is that the wedding day is just a blur, why not have some time carved out for just the two of you?  Instead of 200 pairs of eyes watching you see each other for the first time, and you each trying to maintain composure, the first look allows you to just be 100% you.  You can be free with your emotions.  You can touch your soon to be spouse, talk to them, share moments of your day. Have time for just the two of you away from all the people that want to talk to you, celebrate with you, and vendors that need you.

I will also add – it does NOT take away from the aisle moment!!  If anything it makes it that much more special.  I don’t know how to explain it, but it does.  Nerves aren’t controlling you, so you can enjoy and just be present for your ceremony.  At that aisle moment, we have actually had more emotion displayed from grooms who have already done a first look!!

Here are some basic PROS for first look:

+ every one in the wedding party is fresh and focused, so pictures actually go faster!

+ everything can be done pre-ceremony.  Guests don’t have to wait for hours between ceremony and reception.

+ it calms the nerves. I’ve had soooo many brides who have been crying, grooms that can’t eat. As soon as they see each other, all those nerve just dissipate.

+ you have uninterrupted time for just the two of you.

+ you are free to just go celebrate and have your party with friend and family after the ceremony!!


This was one of my favorite first looks.  Take a look through.  Let it convince you that you too need the first look on your wedding day. 🙂




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