September 2, 2018

Puppy Love – there’s a double meaning in that

Puppy love…there’s a double meaning in that. Not only do these two have a genuine, joyful, and natural connection, James and Kayla actually have another couple to thank for their relationship, their dogs Benny and Nora. It was Benny and Nora who found each other first at the dog park, but James and Kayla were quick to follow. Because of their role in getting the relationship started, it was only fitting that Benny and Nora be a part of the wedding day too!

James’ face lit up as Benny and Nora led the way down the aisle to stand next to him, and the three of them anxiously waited together for the final member of their family. The dogs’ tails wagged in anticipation while the groom’s smile continued to grow as Kayla made her way down the aisle. The beautiful bride matched their excitement on her way to meet them, and added even more meaning to the moment by wearing the same dress and veil her Mom wore for her parents’ wedding. They had come a long way since the day they all met at the dog park. While the setting had changed, the puppy love was the same.

Their friend that married them helped to make the ceremony so special and personal, filled with stories and laughter. While the dogs had to lay down, the smiles on James and Kayla didn’t rest. They were so excited to be here, to be together, and to get married.

Their bridal party was such a close knit group of friends that made the day so fun and helped the bride and groom enjoy every moment. It was clear that this couple had a lot of people that genuinely cared for them.

Their portrait session was so relaxed and so full of joy. Every pose and every moment was not only filled with beauty and elegance, but also with genuine love and excitement. Even a little bit of random rain after the first look couldn’t dampen their spirits or stop them from enjoying the most important day of their lives together.

James and Kayla, thank you for letting us be a part of your day and a small part of your story up to now. It was such a joy to see you interact with your friends and with each other. Your love for each other and everyone around you is so great. We have loved getting to know you, and had such a wonderful day with you. Enjoy your walks with Benny and Nora and let that puppy love continue to grow!




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