July 30, 2018

Ben + Shanley

An Illinois girl meets an Iowa boy.

I first met Shanley four years ago when she was in her sister’s wedding. When we were told she would be contacting us, we were thrilled! We already knew she would be fun to be around! And our first day together was…. let’s just say I really wish someone could have filmed it all!

Our first time meeting Ben was at our ‘last meeting’ where we plan the timeline of the day together. It was a little windy out, but nice and warm, so we sat outside to talk. All of the sudden, a huge wind gust came along and picked the massive umbrella that was over us – and attached to the table that was secured in to the bricks – dislodged two of the bricks and the umbrella went flying to its side as Ben and Ross jumped up to catch it. After some finagling, we were able to get everything back in place… then decided maybe it was time to leave that death trap of a spot 🙂

Their adorable dog, Rizzo, joined us for engagement pictures after we left the umbrella incident behind us. Shanley’s mom came with them to help with Rizzo. And Harvey came with us because two of his favorite people are Shanley’s sister and brother-in-law. So he wanted to meet Shanley. Everything was going great, Ben and Shanley were in this beautiful, intimate shot when all of the sudden we hear her mom yelling ‘Rizzo! Harvey!’ Out comes running Rizzo with his leash behind him, running behind him was Harvey trying to grab the leash, running behind Harvey was Shanley’s mom. It was hilarious! (at least the four of us thought so) 🙂

The wedding day was really neat. They incorporated so much Illinois and Iowa in to their wedding. The ceremony was actually in Illinois and the reception was in Iowa! They had the coolest thing for the unity ceremony, pictures are the only thing to do it justice! All of the details and colors were amazing. And even when things weren’t going quite as planned – these two kept their cool and just went with it! Perhaps the best part was when they had the driver take us all to a place that means a lot to them, and we all had some drinks. And the bartender even let Ben and Shanley serve themselves 🙂

It was a great day with these two, and we absolutely loved being a part of their day!!




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