July 27, 2018

Matt + Natalie

I will forever be thankful that Matt + Natalie were as excited about us after we first met as we were about them! (crazy side note – Natalie grew up next to my sister and brother in law, so her parents and my sister and brother in law knew each other really well!) They were suuuch a wonderful couple to get to know, interact with, and photograph. Harvey even took an instant liking to them! And was lucky enough to have Natalie as his teacher at school this past summer!  (to Harvey, everything is better when he sees her) I’m pretty sure Matt feels the same way. 🙂 These two were such a joy to be around. They are so genuine, caring, and just amazing to be around. Natalie has lots of siblings, and Matt has brothers that are so. much. fun. to watch them all interact together. So the wedding day was very much about family. Family pitched in and helped with every aspect of the day. It was soooo fun watching the families interact and have so much fun together. It was an honor to be a part of their whole wedding process and wedding day. Matt + Natalie – THANK YOU for allowing us to be a part of your wedding process and wedding day!! We can’t wait to see the amazing things in store for you two and your marriage!!




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