July 11, 2018

Hannah + Grady

Oh Hannah and Grady.  These two, one look at them and you can just feel the happiness bursting out of them!!  The first time we met them in person was for their engagement pictures.  They had traveled back to the area on a weekend that worked for another couple who wanted their engagement pictures at the same place.  Turns out – Grady and the other groom (Logan) were great friends – kind of more like brothers really.  They didn’t know their brides had both booked with Ross and I!! 🙂  It was great when it was figured out!!  So of course we needed to get some pictures of just the guys together at the engagement shoot.  Their wedding day was CRAZY hot and humid.  Seriously, we were all soaked.  It was so bad I actually went to wipe my neck and point to our next spot to walk over to and sweat just flung off my fingers.  Gross, I know… mildly embarrassing to to be flinging sweat towards a bride and groom.  🙂  They rolled with all of it.  Grady and Hannah’s wedding party was so much fun.  Just so easy going and fun, they reflected Grady and Hannah’s personalities so much!  We will never forget their day, the heat, and the best picture of when a breeze blew through for just a second.  Congratulations Grady and Hannah!!!!




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