July 3, 2018

Kyle + Stephanie

We sat down at a coffee shop with Kyle and Stephanie for a first meeting. It was one of those meetings that was so easy to just connect and enjoy. Authentic. We loved hearing their proposal story, which include bitter bitter coldness, but was absolutely amazingly well done!!! Their eyes come to life when they look at each other and interact. The wedding ceremony and reception were all at Mackinaw Valley Vineyard. Their wedding was ah-mazing. Just when we thought they could not be any more crazy awesome. It was a triple digit heat index day and 90s% humidity. We could just feel the thickness all over. I’ve never dripped sweat from my ears before. I dripped sweat from my ears that day!!! Totally worth it. I told Kyle we would move the pictures along quickly so they could get in to some air conditioning. He said no reason to do that, the heat didn’t matter, they wanted their pictures. 🙂 LOVED HIS RESPONSE!!!  So we did a first look in the vines, followed by about an hour and a half of portraits of them. They never complained and they looked like the heat wasn’t even getting to them, they were flawless!! (we were all saturated… but they didn’t let if effect them!) The ceremony was outside, the reception was in the big hall outside with all the doors open. It was absolutely beautiful. Everything about it. The coolest piece to their wedding was the bouquet, boutonniere, and table decor. Stephanie’s dad made all of it! It was all origami!!! They were beautiful and amazingly done. Holy smokes. He dominated those things!! It was such a joy to capture their day and spend time with them. Enjoy their amazingness!! 🙂



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