June 1, 2018

James + Gaby

As soon as Gaby’s face popped up on FaceTime I knew I HAD to photograph her!!!  My mind immediately went in to flipping through pictures I would capture.  Then James enters and we see the two of them interact a little.  Another couple we absolutely just had to have as an AMP couple!!!  On December 23rd last year we ventured up to Chicago for the day for engagement pictures.  And these two were INCREDIBLE!!!!  It was freezing.  And I mean nose running, skin burning, toes numbing, bone chilling cold!!!  These two took it all on like champs!  Even when they stood right on the lake with the city behind them and the wind just feeling like it was cutting through us all!

They are both heavily involved in theatre.  If you go to a production in Chicago – you will probably see one of these two as a lead character.  And probably most of their wedding party!  They had a fully choreographed first dance that was AMAZING!!!  I felt like I was at a play, but for free!!  Their wedding theme was The Beatles.  And Amy was very happy.  (yes, I just used myself in the third person… it happens)  The whole wedding party, James and Gaby included, had yellow converse.  The centerpieces were records of different Beatles songs.  Their gift to the guests was a cd, made to look like a record, of their favorite songs.

They are so easy going, so gracious, so fun loving, so come what may, kind hearted, loving couple.  So great to know them and be a part of their day!!!



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