May 5, 2018

Grant + Haleigh

These pictures are so incredibly special to me!!  Grant is my nephew, I was 14 when he was born, so in some ways he has always felt more like a sibling.  Harvey calls him Uncle Grant.  🙂  Haleigh was just ‘girlfriend’ at the time these pictures were taken.  Grant and Haleigh started dating the same week that Ross and I started dating ten years ago.  I actually came back to town for Grant’s freshman homecoming to see him all decked out for his first high school dance.  That is the first time I met Haleigh, right when it all started!  Haleigh and Ross were definitely allies at family gatherings the last ten years.  🙂  So I was really excited to photograph the willow trees coming back to life, and I wanted to do a video of me working with a couple.  The idea was to video and post it on our website so that couples could get an idea of what it’s like working with us.  Unfortunately the video part did not happen… But these two gorgeous people still did an amazingly beautiful job with their portraits!!  I promised them I wouldn’t be putting them on the website under ‘engagements’ because people had already been asking for years when they would be getting married.  Just a few weeks after these pictures were taken…. Grant and Haleigh went on a walk…. and Grant proposed!!!  (and this proud aunt lost her mind when they told me!!)  and now I can post them and no one will bug them about when they are getting married!!!  2019!!!!



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